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After many foundation mishaps, I was recommended this stuff by Shelby. I was using the Revlon 24 Hour Colorstay but I was stuck in a weird in between spot in their shades. I was too dark for the lightest color but too light for the next shade up. I was just using the next shade up because I figured I’d rather look a little too tan than look like a ghost. But Shelby was using this foundation when I visited her the other day and it blended so well I couldn’t even tell she was wearing anything! So I went out, exchanged my too dark Revlon, and got this instead. 

Naturally I tested it out once I got home and I planned to take pictures but it blended so well on my hand that I can’t take pictures of it because it looks like there’s nothing there at all. The primer is colored, which was a surprise for me because it’s not labelled as such, but it blends out really well. It also smells good, which is great because so many foundations and primers seem to have an odd smell. Tomorrow I’m doing my makeup special for a rat rod car show, so I’ll take before and after pictures with this new foundation!

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